Quill & Read is a group of passionate readers and writers. Our love of fantasy, of delving into strange worlds and seeking far-off horizons, has brought us together to develop Netherün

We’ve created cities and towns, cultures and creatures, history and prophecy, in a land where the edges of the map have not been discovered and magic is yet to be fully comprehended by man.

Our aim is to allow you, the reader, to explore this world, its peoples and its mysteries, slowly unravelling more with each issue. As a reader, you will meet new characters but also return to old ones. You will search long-abandoned ruins, climb mountains lost to clouds, dig deep into the cavernous bowels of the earth; where nothing but danger and adventure await.

Each story in the zine is connected in some way, whether it be geography, history, magic or through the characters. Some connections will be obvious, and some will require thought and close attention.

We’re excited to have you join us.

Welcome To Netherün.